Research projects

Research Projects by Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring

Didaktik der Chemie

  • Perception and Interpretation of instructional quality in different stages of pre-service teacher education
    In this PhD project, the perception and interpretation of instructional quality is researched with a special focus on the second phase of teacher education. For this purpose, the "science education perspectives" (SEP) framework was developed as a common basis of instructional quality. In the next step, a coding manual was derived from the SEP framework for the analysis of evaluations of instructional quality. The analyses show both similarities and differences in the evaluation by science pre-service teachers and their advisors. We highlighted existing problems in evaluations of instructional quality and offer possible solutions for improving teacher education in general. Especially, "cognitive activation" poses a significant challenge for pre-service teachers due to its difficult accessibility in evaluations.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring
    Team: Benjamin Heinitz
    Year: 2019
    Duration: 2019-2023
  • KompE – Assessing and Fostering Competencies in the Field of Experimentation
    This PhD project aims to investigate how problem solutions emerge from underlying dispositions when undergraduate students engage in scientific inquiry through experimentation. For this purpose, a learning sequence including several instruments to assess different facets of the competencies in the field of experimentation is developed and implemented at the university.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring
    Team: Marco Reith
    Year: 2019
    Duration: 2019-2023
  • VirtU-net Chemistry – Platform for virtual classroom observations
    VirtU-net Chemistry focuses on the connection of the first and second phase of teacher education through the use of classroom video recordings. The platform allows to integrate real teaching situations with a more theory-based perspective into the courses at university and use the same recordings with the more practice-oriented perspective in pre-service teacher education seminars. This common basis facilitates a transfer of theory into practice, since it refers to an already familiar situation. The video recordings contain generic, as well as subject-specific aspects of teaching. The tasks for the video recordings are built on a common model for evaluations of instructional quality. This common basis allows a steady transition between the phases with a continuous increase in practice orientation.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring
    Year: 2021
    Duration: 2021-2023


  • LernMINT - Data-driven teaching in STEM subjects.
    Digital Transformation offers a variety of opportunities for school and university education. Although the integration of digital technologies in mathematics and science education as a teaching and learning tool already has a long tradition, there is a lack of studies, especially in STEM subjects, that embed data-driven learning analytics methods in STEM education concepts, evaluate their educational opportunities and limitations, and at the same time consider the aspects of data protection and fairness.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Friege
    Team: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring, Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hochmuth, Prof. Dr. Johannes Krugel, Dr. Anett Hoppe, Prof. Dr. Eirini Ntoutsi, Prof. Dr. Sarah Dannemann, Prof. Dr. Christian Wartena, Prof. Dr. Katrin Thiele
    Year: 2020
    Funding: Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur
    Duration: 2020-2024
  • I3Lern – Stoichiometry
    Stoichiometry is a fundamental subject area in chemistry and an important prerequisite for understanding more advanced topics. For many students, however, stoichiometry represents a serious learning difficulty. In this project, a digital learning platform will be developed for students in introductory chemistry courses that offers individual learning support through artificial intelligence-based learning analysis.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring
    Team: Alexander Krause, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Polarz, Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth, Dr. Anett Hoppe, Marcos Stamatakis
    Year: 2023
    Funding: Innovation plus
    Duration: 2023-2024