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Videos on the role of social media in education have been published.

Videos on the role of social media in education have been published.

The video recordings of the "Social Media and Climate Change" symposium have been published on the institute's YouTube channel (Link to YouTube). This symposium was organized by the SoMeCliCS project and was aimed at researchers interested in the topic. The symposium opened on the evening of March 9, 2023, with a two-hour public keynote lecture, providing an overview of the project and the broader topic.

Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze, in his role as Director of the Leibniz School of Education, delivered welcoming remarks to the guests and all participants. Dr. Alexander Büssing then provided an overview of the project and the role of social media and climate change in digital education.

Following that, Dr. Friederike Hendriks (TU Braunschweig) presented new findings on the role of trust in science in digital spaces during her keynote. This included a focus on newer models for describing trust and evaluating online information. After a brief question and answer session, there was a concluding discussion on the role of social media in climate change. The participants in the discussion came from various fields, including researchers (Dr. Thomas Schubatzky, University of Innsbruck; Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kremer, University of Gießen), an educator (Jonas Wagner, Lutherschule Hannover), a Fridays for Future student (Hannes Balk), and a researcher from Israel (Shakked Dabran, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel). The discussion was moderated by Dr. Nadja Belova (University of Bremen).

In addition to the symposium videos, the participants are currently working on an edited volume to consolidate the project's results in a bound format.