Virtuelle Lernwelten - Lehrkräfteausbildung in 360°

Virtual learning environments – teacher training in 360°

[Translate to English:] Frau mit VR-Brille
Led by:  Dr. Sabine Struckmeier, Dr. Alexander Büssing, Stephanie Mittrach
Team:  Frederik Rösch
Year:  2020
Funding:  Leibniz School of Education, Leibniz University Hannover (SQM)
Duration:  4/2020-9/2021


In this project lecturers of the IDN will be prepared and equipped for using virtual reality in seminars for teacher education. For this, learning materials will be developed, tested and reflected upon.

Project description

Virtual Reality (VR) has established itself over the last few years, especially in the entertainment industry. However, VR can also be used for educational purposes and, thus, enrich and promote teaching and learning in schools and universities in an innovative way (Jensen & Konradsen, 2018).

Due to its realistic representation, VR has a considerable added value. For example students/learners who have difficulties visiting certain, inaccessible places are able to access those via VR. Because of that, it can not only support individual learning processes but it can also improve the teaching process itself by offering new approaches to abstract or difficult concepts or topics (Hellriegel & Čubela, 2018).

However, in order to generate this added value, specially educated teachers and appropriate materials are required in addition to the necessary equipment, such as VR glasses. This is where the project Virtual Learning Environments – Teacher Training in 360° comes in. It is a cooperation between the departments of biology, chemistry, geography and food sciences at the Institute for Science Education (IDN).

The main goal of the project is to create opportunities and experiences for professional learning as well as for the promotion of motivational attitudes of future teachers with regard to digital media in general and VR in particular. Therefore, the project will develop, test and reflect on concrete learning materials and concepts for professional learning processes in cooperation with students of the four subject areas. The long-term goal is the implementation of VR in the teacher training at IDN.

As a first step, the necessary equipment (e.g. VR glasses and cameras) will be procured and lecturers will be prepared for their use. Subsequently practical examples for university teaching and school practice will be developed and tested. Afterwards, the VR glasses will also be available for rent to other lecturers of the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH). The results of the project and suitable examples of good practice will be collected and communicated. For this purpose, guidelines for the use of VR in university teachers training will be developed and didactic publications are sought (from the summer semester 2021).

You are a university lecturer at the LUH and interested in the use of VR in your course? You are welcome to contact us (

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