Klimawandel als globale und lokale Herausforderung - Unterrichtsmodelle zur Bewusstseinsbildung über Klimaschutz, Klimaanpassung und Klimagerechtigkeit für verantwortungsbewusstes Handeln als Beitrag zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung

Climate Change as a Global and Local Challenge – Teaching Models to Raise Awareness About Climate Protection, Climate Adaptation and Climate Justice for Responsible Action as a Contribution to Sustainable Development

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Christiane Meyer
Team:  Andreas Eberth
Year:  2015
Funding:  Engagement Global with financial resources from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Duration:  2015-2018
Is Finished:  yes
Further information


In this Lower Saxony country initiative to implement the Curriculum Framework Education for Sustainable Development, all three phases of teacher education were networked. Schools, research institutions and extracurricular educational partners jointly developed teaching suggestions on the subject of climate change.

Project description

The project pursued the goal to link all three phases of teacher education with cooperation of schools, teachers’ training colleges, NGOs and other partners. The current topic “climate change” with its consequential challenges of climate protection and climate adaptation offered the content framework for the development of competence-oriented lesson models of Global Education.

Climate justice as the ethical dimension of the topic requires raising awareness about global connections on the one hand, and a critical reflection of own action in a local context on the other hand. Therefore, it was one goal of the project to enhance the competence of moral reflection and judgement. The organisation of learning environments for a societal transformation as well as the consequential goal to develop the competences of learners and multipliers affect the fields of action 2 and 3 of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (Roadmap of the UNESCO 2014). The project relates to the Curriculum Framework Education for Sustainable Development


Co-operation Partners:

  • Ministry of Education and the Arts of Lower Saxony
  • Academy of Spatial Research and Regional Planning (ARL)
  • Leibniz School of Education Hannover (uniplus)
  • Teacher Training Centre Hannover II
  • Teacher Training Centre Lueneburg/Uelzen
  • Secondary Schools in Hanover Region
  • Association for Development Policy Lower Saxony e.V. (VEN)
  • 3WF Hannover – Forum for a Different World e.V.
  • Films for the Earth (international centre of excellence for environmental documentaries, Winterthur/Switzerland)