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ESERA 2019: Internationale Tagung der Naturwissenschaftsdidaktiken


Die Fachgruppen Didaktik der Biologie und Didaktik der Chemie nahmen an der ESERA in Bologna teil.

Das IDN war dabei mit zahlreichen Beiträgen vertreten:


  • Voitle: Connecting the Epistemic Dots: Addressing Epistemic Issues in Various Levels of Science Education (Symposium)
  • Nehring: Strategies of NOS research: strengths, limitations, and looking forward (Symposium)


  • Bauer, Arnold & Kremer: Students’ perceptions about sustainability-related impacts of their consumer behavior. (Vortrag)
  • Moormann & Kremer: Communication objectives and goals within a natural history museum exhibition (Symposiumsvortrag)
  • Hundertmark, Heeg, Kanne, & Schanze: The necessity of being aware of anomalous data - Conceptual development within peer collaboration (Vortrag)
  • Voitle, Kampa, Neumann, Schwanewedel & Kremer: “Real Science is More Difficult”: Introducing and Exploring Students’ Classroom-Specific Epistemic Beliefs about Science (Symposiumsvortrag)
  • Unger: Grandma Johnson Revisited - Pre-Service Teachers Metaphorical Understanding of Decomposition (Vortrag)
  • Schneeweiß & Gropengießer: Organising levels of organisation for science education: a critical review of literature. (Vortrag)


  • Heeg, & Schanze: Using case-based learning scenarios to foster pre-service chemistry teachers’ diagnostic abilities regarding students’ conceptions (Poster) 
  • HeegHundertmark, & Schanze: The interplay between individual reflection and collaborative learning - Using the Peer-Interaction-Method to diagnose and foster students’ conceptions about combustion (Poster)
  • Heinitz & Nehring: Quality of Instruction in Science Education Video Studies - A Systematic Review between Generic and Subject Specific Criteria (Poster)
  • Schildknecht, Hundertmark, Schad, Sun, Kauertz, Lindmeier, Lindmeier, Nitz & Nehring: Inclusive Education in Science - The need for multiprofessional cooperation (Poster)
  • Sprung, Bollmann, Goetz & Nehring: Linking the development of inquiry competences to the understanding of the structure and composition of matter in chemistry - a model based approach (Poster)


  • Prof. Kremer war Discussant im Symposium von Marianne Achiam (Kopenhagen) und Alexandra Moormann (Berlin): Science in Exhibitions: Different perspectives from different actors.
  • Prof. Nehring war Discussant im Symposium von Martin Schwichow und Andrea Möller: Measuring and Facilitating Students’ Inquiry Skills.

Weitere Beiträge:

  • Prof. Kremer wurde im Rahmen der Tagung zur Co-Sprecherin der SIG 4 Science | Environment | Health gewählt